cute-couple.jpgWith an eye on our future, and strong ties to our past, InnQuire With Us was formed as a natural, professional and personal progression to offer exceptional Inn-sitting and consulting services. We know from personal experience that one needs to look hard when seeking qualified, passionate, professional assistance in running your Inn.  We’re confident that our background is quite simply second-to-none.

We are Derek & Wendy Wood and have been married since 1998 .  We are uniquely qualified to work alongside or in your absence for a day, a week, a month or more. Our paths crossed in 1989 as we both transferred into our Junior year of college at one of the leading Hospitality Management Colleges in the country at the time.  We began a rigorous academic curriculum.  We engaged ourselves in extensive “in the trenches”, real life training while simultaneously working outside the school to help fund our tuition. Seeing that we were both new transfers to the program, the program director introduced the two of us while catering our first function together.  The director suggested on that very day we would make a great couple….and the rest as they say, is history.

A quick summary of our experience:

  • Business Degrees in Hospitality Management + Full Culinary Degree with honors
  • Full service, multi-unit restaurant management
  • Large Chain, 4-Diamond Hotel Restaurant General Manager
  • Large Chain, 4-Diamond Hotel – multidisciplinary, including sales, front desk, concierge, and catering/banquets
  • 10+ years running private Bed &Breakfasts in New York and Colorado
  • 14+ years self employed/entrepreneur
  • Personal, extensive desire to both learn and live a radiant and healthy through diet, exercise and a love of the outdoors.