We’re open to opportunities of any kind, and with our current busy yet flexible schedule in place, we can help on an as-needed basis.  Building on our current resume assisting innkeepers will help us as we both look forward to the inn-keeping opportunities that will evolve in the future, based on the relationships we forge now.

We’re willing to consider “one off” needs.  Whether it’s a last minute emergency weekend away,  1/month breakfast serving need, or maybe even offsite reservation assistance/backup.  We hope you will reach out to us and begin a dialogue that could be mutually agreeable!

How can we help?  You name it, we’ll consider it….here are some ideas:

  • Overflow call “center”: reservation back up if you are gone for a few hours, a day, a week.  With today’s technology, this can easily be done remotely.
  • Shadowing new innkeepers: assist in implementing new policies, helping to ensure a seamless turn key operation
  • Due Diligence: operational assistance in the pre-purchase, due diligence planning stage of a new inn acquisition
  • Innsitter: full operation of a small inn, or providing staff support for a larger operation with their own dedicated team in place
  • Part Time innkeeper: back up support for busy season, once a month, once a week or even just on call/as-needed
  • Quality Inspections: Derek’s current company, Guest Check was started in 2003 offering onsite inspection services (aka mystery shopping) exclusively within the hospitality industry.  We can build a custom set of criteria for your inn and either outsource inspectors through Guest Check, or Derek and Wendy can come unannounced to conduct the inspection them self.
  • Menu research, testing and planning